"The Auwald Trio doesn't fit into any category; above all it swings like crazy."

Marcus A. Woelfle, Silberhorn Magazin

Selected press


Neo-baroque launching pad

"C.L.Mayer has the animated between-musical-genres expressive fantasy of a Jaki Byard, the melodic touch of a Roland Hanna, the romantic soul of a Robert Schumann and an enormous helping of originality. Stride piano or neo-baroque are merely a launching pad from which the music ventures out in all directions with ludicrous ingenuity and knock-you-down swing."

Marcus A. Woelfle, Rondo Magazin

Sense of swing
"Christian Ludwig Mayer is a pianist that will delight you with his sense of swing and the maturity that he brings to his performances."
​--  Prof. Rusty Hassan, Radio host and Jazz journalist (Downbeat magazine, Jazztimes, New York Times, Washington Post, Coda)

An insider tip that really is one

“Mayer’s works tell a story, are unbelievably, cleverly thought out and are exceptionally well composed.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Music that takes your breath away

“Christian Ludwig Mayer…Ludwig Leininger…and Lorenz Hunziker-Rutiliano…make such brilliant and virtuoso music spanning so many styles that it just about takes your breath away. For that which Christian Ludwig Mayer composes and brings with him on the stage is the term ‘jazz’ too narrow: Mayer is an exceptional musical talent who doesn’t fit in any category and who shifts between genres.”

Tölzer Kurier

Crazy and brilliant: Review of the debut CD "Token Gestures"

“A virtuoso high-wire act balancing between madman and genius without a net or false bottom. Like an E.T.A. Hoffmann, this free spirit risks everything. That nowadays something like this still exists…” 

–Allgäuer Zeitung

Expectations exceeded

“Christian Ludwig Mayer’s music ventures from the old jazz of the 1920s, across the various jazz-genres and up to modern jazz and allows some classical to shine through. […] His strongly expressive piano playing, which sometimes mimicked a ‘show’, magically turned the musical artistry of the Trio into a unique and wonderful orchestral experience.”                         –Neue Fricktaler Zeitung (Switzerland)

Press kit

C.L.Mayer and his Auwald Trio Press Kit (English)
C.L.Mayer and his Auwald Trio one sheet (English)

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