Lorenz Hunziker-Rutigliano: Drums

Lorenz Hunziker-Rutigliano studied drums at the Bern University of the Arts (HKB-Switzerland) in the Swiss Jazz School with Billy Brooks and composition and arrangement with Frank Sikora and Klaus Wagenleiter. After finishing his music degree, he attended master classes in New York with John Riley and in Basel with Jorge Rossy.

Since finishing his music teaching degree in 2005, Hunziker-Rutigliano has played worldwide with artists such as Pepe Lienhard, Kol Simcha (the world Quintet), Thomas Moeckel, David Klein, Anna Rossinellli, Mañana, Bergitta Victor und Eliana Burki. He also led the concert series “Selma – enveloped in longing” (Selma - In Sehnsucht eingehüllt) together with artists such as Sarah Connor, Thomas D. (Fanta 4) Joy Delanane, Hartmut Engler (PUR) und Stefanie Kloß (Silbermond).

Hunziker-Rutigliano can be heard on numerous CDs and has performed in musical and theater productions such as “Fame” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the Theater Basel, “Peter Pan” at the Konzert Theater Bern, “Carmen, A Highschool Opera” at the Staatstheater Braunschweig; he has also performed in concert theater pieces such as “M & The Acid Monks” and “Gilgamesh Must Die!” at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

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