Nominated for the "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik"
(PDSK "best list" 2/2017)
Guenter Buhles
Jazz Podium
“Earlier, like in the last millennia, neither European nor (especially) German jazz musicians dared to form Jazz Trios […] Now it’s time to introduce the not-yet-well-known Auwald Trio! The pianist Christian Ludwig Mayer, the double bass player Ludwig Leininger and the drummer Lorenz Huziker-Rutiliano recorded a striking CD in Murnau with the title ‘Token Gestures’. Those who listen to the CD think to themselves when they hear the first piece ‘Nocturnal Constitution’: Aha, these three musicians studied the ‘[Bill] Evan’s Trio communication dictionary’ and learned something! Yet, immediately thereafter you’re dumbfounded by the lively, tempo-rich ‘The Battle of St. George’ with its cut-sheer-across-the-keys, room-grabbing stride piano, its rich double bass and its crisp drums. […] And then, all of a sudden, the 19th -- even the 18th century becomes audible with the piece ‘Reconnaissance: Im Gehäuse’ before the music from ‘Into it’ rips loose: What is that? Jack Bruce meets Mal Waldron? […] This CD continues with this type of diversity: sometimes deeply ballad-like, sometimes fiercely driven, sometimes with the breath of an easy, swinging French musette, sometimes casting a glance into the realm of Latin music […]. And for those who leaf through the booklet and read its contents, those people are also – so to say – verbally impressed, without really being able to make head or tail of  the ingenious-ironic Text nor learning anything about the three musicians. Are these ‘Gestures’ also in this way symbolic, only pro forma = token? – All the same, the summary of the Auwald Trio and the CD is as follows: The music speaks for itself.”
Marcus A. Woelfle
Rondo Magazin
“’Token Gestures‘, the debut album of the Auwald Trio – Christian Ludwig Mayer (p), Ludwig Leininger (b) and Lorenz Hunziker-Rutigliano (d) – is amazingly diverse. Mayer, the composer of all the music, has the animated between-musical-genres expressive fantasy of a Jaki Byard, the melodic touch of a Roland Hanna, the romantic soul of a Robert Schumann and an enormous helping of originality. Stride piano or neo-baroque are merely a launching pad from which the music can venture out in all directions with ludicrous ingenuity and knock-you-down swing. However, the “Token Gestures” aren’t merely stylistic exercises – they are authentic self-expression. The mysteriously ironic [booklet] texts also reveal esprit.”
Markus Noichl
Allgäuer Zeitung
“A virtuoso high-wire act balancing between madman and genius without a net or false bottom. Like an E.T.A. Hoffmann, this free spirit risks everything. That nowadays something like this still exists…” 
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